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Posted on: 8/29/2005
Location: San Francisco , CA 94129
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Address : 546,Mission Alamaram street,



Tamilnadu state & India

Chief functionery: Dr.P.V.Ravichandiran

Project Director & General Secretary

Contact Phone: 09443443478 / 9360350584


Field Office Address: 142,Sethurastha,

(Kodiyakkarai Road)

Vedaranyam Tk,

Nagappattinam dist 614810

Tamilnadu state & India

Members in network: 16 NGOs

Background & Activities of FACE:

Face coastal relief task group is network of 16 NGOs function In this tsunami affected region of Tamilnadu coastal areas. On responding to the needs of affected people from the second day it self, members of this task group started involving in relief measurers by collecting materials from Un affected areas. Until the Government and National NGO’s arrival, the minimum basic needs of people are catered by our task group in many affected villages. It is an unregistered network. Towards making a planning for sustainable rlief measurers, We had conducted a planning meeting on 18th January 2005 and scheduled a list of activities, with the help of prominent guidance of experienced faculties from ASHA, Hope world wide, and Akanksha,Mumbai. Dr.Abijith Vaidhya from Arokya Sena, Maharastra, founder and Chairperson of the Pioneer national level disaster management Resource team had facilitated the planning.

The first and foremost activity planned is advocacy for intensive preventive and curative health care in tsunami affected and neighboring villages. The target groups identified are 1) agriculture small farmers affected by tsunami water inundation, 2) Marginalized saltpan leaseholders & affected laborers, 3) tsunami affected inland fisherman.



As a group severely affected by tsunami, FACE CRTG had worked for the rehabilitation of salt laborers and marginalized saltpan leaseholders in Vedaranyam salt industry, which was severely damaged by Tsunami.

Two international organizations OXFAM GB and SAVE THE CHILDREN had honored us by partnering with us in this task and had extended financial and technical support for the rehabilitation of salt laborers and small scale salt producers affected by tsunami.

Towards developing a bio shield in coastal areas, FACE CRTG had undertaken serious and intensified assessments on the possibilities of promoting mangrove forest in coastal areas. FACE CRTG is at present searching for funding partnership towards promoting mangrove forests in five various brackish water regimes.

In association with AROKYASENA, FACE CRTG had organized Disaster Management Training to NGO Leaders and personals in Nagappattinam on 24th April 2005.FACE CRTG had made a clear cut case by case assessment on the tsunami damages to agriculture lands in Nagappattinam.

Reference Document in Media:

1.The saltpan reclamation work for the livelihood development of laborers and leaseholders was published in the main website of OXFAM GB (Ref:

2. BBC News had covered the program and appreciated the effort ( Ref:

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