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Miss Pakistan World 2006

Posted on:5/24/2006
Written By: Sonia Ahmed
Miss Pakistan World is in its 5th year and is a competition for all Pakistani girls from all corners of the world.




April 1, 2006 - Sehr Mahmood 25, won Miss Pakistan World 2006. The event took off with a blast and ended with a surprised winner. Shaifa Chandani, took the position of Runner up 1 and Gina Noureen Khan was Runner Up 2.


Miss Congeniality 2006 went to Gina Noureen Khan

Miss Photogenic 2006 was awarded to Sonya Zia

Miss Talent 2006 was awarded to Saadia Alvi from Connecticut USA, and finally Miss Beautiful Skin 2006 was awarded to Mahleej Sarkari.


Contestants came from as far as Houston, Texas USA to be a part of the year’s global pageant.


The event was a 4 day event where different activities were planned besides the rehearsals, as well as all contestants stayed at a hotel for that time period. The contestants had a great time in Toronto, playing pool, enjoying the food at the GTA high profile restaurants, and having fun in each other’s company. From belly dancers, to jazz dancers as well as Salsa dancers the audience had a thrilling experienced in the fun and entertainment packed event. 650 people were present in the audience.


This year Miss Pakistan World had one of Pakistan's giant media GEO Satellite present at the show and will be broad casted in front of 45 million viewers all over the world including Dubai, Pakistan, India, North America as well as Europe.


Sehr Mahmood, 25 years old was in shock and could not believe it that she was in the top three finalists and the audience roared with appreciation as soon as Sehr Mahmood was crowned Miss Pakistan World 2006. Hailing from Karachi, she is the third girl from Karachi holding the Miss Pakistan World title. There is an entire year planned for this new beauty queen, with trips to all parts of the world for international pageants. The runner ups Shaifa Chandani as well as Gina Noureen Khan will also represent Pakistan in various International Pageants throughout the year.  All girls will have a tight schedule doing various charity works as well as representing Pakistan in beauty pageants.


Sonia Ahmed," I am very happy with this event, and I am proud to say that we have now begun our journey in the global world allowing Pakistani girls to come from all over the world, especially North America and Europe to be a part of this prestigious pageant. This year we have American Pakistani participate and hopefully we would see this number grow by next year. Also being associated with Pakistan's biggest media giant- GEO, we have reached the homes of 45 million viewers and we are proud of that achievement as well. Overall, the event went smoothly and I am now looking forward to next year, and am quite excited about it as well."


Sehr Mahmood was born on 10th August in Karachi, Pakistan. She completed her O' and A levels & from there after moved to Boston, USA. Moving from Pakistan to the West was a huge change as the culture and lifestyle was very different but she integrated with the lifestyle of the West. She completed her undergraduate degree - a specialized honors in Economics. She is currently writing GMATS as she will apply for Masters Program next year.

In her words, Sehr Mahmood, “The pageant was a first for me and all in all, an amazing experience. A pageant is a great platform which gives Pakistani women the opportunity to emerge as a voice for their community and address issues that need to be dealt with. The best part about being in the pageant was the experience it provided and it made me feel more in touch with the Pakistani community. Even though every girl could not win the crown, they were all still winners as the pageant gave us all the opportunity to explore our hidden talents and encouraged us to do things we had never done before - be it dancing, the catwalk or even speaking on a stage in front of millions of people. All his helped build a lot of confidence in the girls and in me personally too. It was a great experience to meet so many different girls from all over Canada and making so many new friends and living with them day in and day out for 4 days was an awesome experience as it gave us the opportunity to get to know each other intimately. Every girl in the competition was unique in her own way and we all adjusted to each others needs and learnt to get along. The pageant also taught us how to deal with responsibility be it making rehearsals on time, getting out clothes done on time , making sure our choreography was perfect in time for the show and so forth. The coordinators and choreographer did a great job in putting together an awesome and flawless show which hopefully everyone enjoyed. I look forward to representing my country in international pageants and doing the best that I can in bringing honor to the title.”


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