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THE ETERNAL QUESTION 'WHO AM I' by Dharam Vir Mangla, Founder God Realization Foundation

Posted on:10/31/2006
Written By: Raju Gupta
Website: www.geocities.com/godrealization
This is an extract from a small, rare, unique book The Eternal Question 'WHO AM I'. 'Who Am I' is biggest question puzzling everybody. Sciences have not helped much to answer this question. All the philosophies except the vedas stop discussing this question. The Vedas starts with this question. Our own Wgo 'I' is nothing but the spark of Absolute Brahman in us. If we can understand our ownself we can understand the Brahman & the whole universe.


An extract from the rare book

The Eternal Question: Who am I

by Dharam Vir Mangla

It is one of the eternal puzzling questions, since beginning of human life on earth. Can there be anything more important to us than to know our own self or who am I? From where I came into existence and where will I go after my death? Who gave me a physical body and forced me to live in and act through it? Do I have any freedom in selecting a suitable body of my own choice and design? For how much time, I will remain in this body? Such questions are haunting the minds of the seers & the humanity.

 We know only a little bit about our physical body, but nothing about our ego ‘I’. But we are sure that an ego ‘I’ exist in our body. It is the mysterious and most important thing among all, in this universe. ‘Who Am I’ is the question where the sciences and philosophies have not helped us much. Interestingly, the holy Vedas & the Scriptures begins with this puzzle. Every one thinks ‘I am’. None thinks ‘I am not’. If an ego ‘I’ has not been associated with our soul, we would have thought ‘I am not’.

 There are changes going on in our body, but our ego ‘I’ remains same till death. No other ‘I’ of someone else, can replace our ego ‘I’ during our lifetime and vice-versa. Due to Maya we are completely ignorant & have forgotten about our ego ‘I’. We don’t know from where this ‘I’ came? What shall happen to this ‘I’ after my death? Will ‘I’ exist after my death or not? Why I am forced to dream the nightmares I don’t like? Why do I suffer and made sick frequently? Why do I have no complete freedom & always happy?  What is the real source of my happiness?  We do not know much.

             Our ego ‘I’ is associated with our body and is our identity (ID). Ego ‘I’ cannot exist independently without a body. Our body may be physical or astral or ethereal. Even during our dreams our physical body is kept lying uncared in the physical world, but interestingly ego ‘I’ creates another dream-body to act during dreams. The dream body is not made up from any physical matter. Even after our death Ego ‘I’ leaves the physical body and creates another body made from astral matter and remains in the astral world for some time. If ego ‘I’ doesn’t possess a body that means it’s death and then it merges with God from where it has been originated. Our ego is like a droplet of water in the ocean or the vast Infinite Ocean of God. God originates the droplets of souls and also merges back the droplets after some time.

          As due to fast turbulent motion in the ocean infinite waves, bubbles and drops are created, similarly when the turbulent Cosmic Kundalini energy works in the ocean of Brahman, it creates infinite souls each with an ego ‘I’. As a drop of water is not different from the ocean, similarly our soul with ego ‘I’ is not different from God. Only Maya, which creates ignorance, has separated both. If anyhow we can remove the ignorance due to Maya we can go back or merge ourselves in God. This is the ultimate aim of our life. This aim can be achieved either in one life or in so many lives.

           All the souls have come from God, and naturally each soul is also willing to go back to its original source. All the creation has also come out of God and ultimately the whole creation will merge back in God at the end of the universe. Anything, which has taken birth, must die one day. Anything, which has been created with a purpose, must go back to its source after the purpose is achieved.

Dharam Vir Mangla M.Sc. M.Ed. PGDCA is a world renowned author of advanced books on spirituality/yoga:

1.   God & Self Realization (Scientific & Spiritual View)

2.   Kundalini & Kriya Yoga       

3.   Yoga for Health & Bliss                             

4.   The Eternal Question ‘Who am I’

5.   Miraculous Saints & Yogis

6.   Secrets of Yoga, God & Universe

7.   Buddhism & Hinduism

Extracted by Raju Gupta,

Director: Geeta International Publishers & Distributors 

197 Geeta Apartments, Geeta Colony, Delhi-110031

Phone:  981 868 79314, Website:  www.geocities.com/godrealization

Email: dvmangla@gmail.com

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