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Which battery is best suited for customer?

Posted on:2/25/2007
Written By: goodbattery
if you have any questions,pls feel free to contact

Which <a href=>battery</a> chemistry is best suited for customer?

<a href=>Battery </a> user often argue that advanced <a href=>battery systems</a> are now available that offer very high energy densities, deliver 1000 charge/discharge cycles and are paper thin is the best. These attributes are indeed achievable — unfortunately not in the same<a href=> battery pack</a>. A given battery may be designed for small size and long runtime, but this pack would have a limited cycle life. Another battery may be built for durability, but it would be big and bulky. A third pack may have high energy density and long durability, but would be too expensive for the commercial consumer.

<a href=>Battery manufacturers</a> are well aware of customer needs and have responded by offering battery packs that best suit the specific application. The<a href=> mobile phone industry</a> is an example of this clever adaptation. For this market, the emphasis is placed on small size and high energy density. Longevity comes in second.

The mention of <a href=>NiMH </a>on a battery pack does not automatically guarantee high energy density. A prismatic NiMH battery for a <a href=>owetools</a>, for example, is made for slim geometry and may only have an energy density of 60Wh/kg. The cycle count for this<a href=> battery </a>would be limited to around 300. In comparison, a cylindrical NiMH offers energy densities of 120Wh/kg and higher. Still, the cycle count of this <a href=>battery</a> will be moderate to low. High durability NiMH batteries, which are intended for industrial use and the electric vehicle enduring 1000 discharges to 90 percent depth-of discharge, are packaged in large cylindrical cells. The energy density on these cells is a modest 70Wh/kg.

Similarly,<a href=> Li-ion batteries</a> for defense applications are being produced that far exceed the energy density of the commercial equivalent. Unfortunately, these super-high capacity <a href=>Li-ion batteries </a>are deemed unsafe in the hands of the public. Neither would the general public be able to afford to buy them.

When energy densities and cycle life are mentioned, <a href=>Good Battery</a> think thant a middle-of-the-road commercial battery that offers a reasonable compromise in size, energy density, cycle life and price.

more info:<a href=></a>


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