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What is the Secrets of Battery Runtime?

Posted on:2/25/2007
Written By: goodbattery
if you have any questions,pls feel free to contact

What is the Secrets of <a href=>Battery</a> Runtime?

What is the runtime of a portable device directly related to the size of the <a href=>battery</a> and the energy it can hold? In most cases, the answer is yes. But with <a href=>digital </a>equipment, the length of time a <a href=>battery</a> can operate is not necessarily linear to the amount of energy stored in the <a href=>battery</a>.

we examine why the specified runtime of a portable device cannot always be achieved, especially after the <a href=>battery</a> has aged. We address the four renegades that are affecting the performance of the battery. They are: declining capacity, increasing internal resistance, elevated self-discharge, and premature voltage cut-off on <a href=>discharge</a>.

The amount of <a href=>charge</a> a battery can hold gradually decreases due to usage, aging and, with some chemistries, lack of maintenance. Specified to deliver about 100 percent capacity when new, the <a href=> battery </a>eventually requires replacement when the capacity drops to the 70 or 60 percent level. The warranty threshold is typically 80 percent.

The energy storage of a <a href=>battery </a>can be divided into three imaginary sections consisting of available energy, the empty zone that can be refilled and the rock content that has become unusable. Figure 6-1 illustrates these three sections of a <a href=>battery </a>.

In nickel-based <a href=>batteries</a>, the rock content may be in the form of crystalline formation, also known as memory. Deep cycling can often restore the capacity to full service. Also known as ‘exercise’, a typical cycle consists of one or several discharges to 1V/cell with subsequent discharges.

The loss of charge acceptance of the Li-ion/polymer batteries is due to cell oxidation, which occurs naturally during use and as part of aging. <a href=>Li-ion batteries</a> cannot be restored with cycling or any other external means. The capacity loss is permanent because the metals used in the cells are designated to run for a specific time only and are being consumed during their service life.

More info:<a href=></a>


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